Kendra Greig


Kendra is a consultant, creative producer, writer, speaker and entrepreneur.

She is the Founder of Raw Sugar - Authentic Brand & Communications, the founder of online group Shit Bits - for Chicks who tell it like it is and a mother of two munchkins.

In 2014, Kendra joined TEAM Women Australia and co-created 'On-The-Couch: Living An Authentic & Compassionate Life'.

Kendra's sophisticated visual design and production sensibility is grounded in extensive experience in fashion, film, art, branding and marketing. Coupled with deep-rooted values and life experience, Kendra delivers a unique offering for clients wishing to make a meaningful impact. She has a remarkable talent, working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small businesses, for identifying and articulating their authentic voice, uncovering hidden superpowers, creating original experiences and inspiring visual communications that align with their core personal and brand values.

In the current landscape, exhausted with data overload, Kendra recognises that who we are and how clearly we are able to communicate and connect has become of utmost importance. Her agency, Raw Sugar speaks directly to the changing landscape in which authenticity and connection hold the highest value.