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everyone has a story…

A landmark study on ‘stress’ suggests friendships between women are special - they shape who we are, and who we are yet to be. They soothe our tumultuous inner world and they help remind us of who we really are, and what we’re truely capable of.

Our Women Ignite Passion events bring women together from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and interests with change-makers, thought-leaders and grass-roots enablers sharing their personal stories and inspiring women to advance as leaders - no matter who they are or what they do!

Combining an electrifying stripped-back approach to story-telling reveals a diverse and contrasting picture of life, guaranteed to leave women with a profound sense of compassion, courage and confidence to ignite their passion, grow their influence and amplify the impact they have in the world.

We believe everyone has a story.

We believe it’s time to mobilise women to realise their greatest potential.