Kylee Fitzpatrick

FOUNDER and ceo

Kylee is an indigenous woman with an intrinsic love for the power of storytelling to mobilise women in their career, business and entrepreneurial paths while taking care of their health and wellbeing.

An internationally-recognised leadership coach, consultant and storyteller, Kylee has a talent for challenging the status quo, getting to the root of what matters and enabling diversity of opinion to stimulate creativity and deliver unprecedented breakthroughs in performance.

In 2015 Kylee exited 23 years in media to pursue her passion for empowering women who are juggling a myriad of challenges from a dysfunctional hierarchical leadership model to the fine-art of balancing a career with being a parent and rewriting the future to realise one’s own self-expression as a leader.

Described as "one of the most engaging and authentic leaders of our time" and an "effervescent force of nature", it's Kylee’s compassionate and no-nonsense approach that earns her the trust and respect of others.  

Kylee is a passionate speaker and thought leader on the topics of Social Mobility, Self-led Leadership and The Power Of Storytelling to Mobilise Change.

Her speaking engagements have impacted thousands of women and senior leaders across a diverse range of sectors, including corporate organisations like Qantas, The FDM Group and State Street, to NSW Transport and non-government community and not-for-profit organisations dedicated to empowering women.

Kylee is a mother of three children, a descendent of the Waka Waka and Kalali nations, an advocate for mental health and wellbeing and an ambassador for Flexible Work Day.