Mother Turns Entreprenuer: How one lonely woman found her tribe


Haley Finlayson is the co-founder of Mama Tribe, an online community addressing the issues of loneliness and isolation and “helping mama’s connect face to face for support”.

Moving to Australia from New Zealand with her husband Ben, was one of Haley’s highlights but when she became a mother and had no family close by for support, it was her friend Nikki that she turned to. 

She decided to move to Australia to enjoy the sunny weather - the same reason, as she soon discovered, that most kiwis decide to move! Ben and Haley set up home after a few years and really settled in - dog and all! Haley worked in finance and sales and really enjoyed the people aspect of the roles. She was thrilled to become pregnant and have a baby, but wasn’t quite prepared for what hit her. 

“Sadly, one of the happiest times in your life, can be the loneliest”

“Nikki and I were in a similar position with no family close by and not a lot of friends with kids. We spoke on the phone a lot and this led to a conversation about setting up a way of meeting some mums locally. Before we knew it we had mums reaching out to us from from all over Australia and New Zealand asking us to help them create a tribe in their area. That’s when we knew we we’re the only ones feeling alone and isolated. This inspired us to keep helping other mums connect.

In 12 months Mama Tribe had connected thousands of mums through meet-ups and events, gaining over 35,000 members, 50 locations and 100 Ambassadors.

Featured by Facebook, Channel Ten, Mamamia, Kidspot and ABC radio, Mama Tribe, is helping mums connect with other local like-minded mums in their area who are interested in catching up for coffee dates, play dates, wine nights or just going for a walk.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” - Haley Finlayson

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” - Haley Finlayson

Nikki says “I’m passionate about helping other mothers connect face to face so they don’t have the same feeling of loneliness and isolation. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many mums out there that are keen to meet for a coffee, go for a walk or share a cheeky glass of wine.   I found the greatest lesson I learnt was to “just let go and trust in the process.”

Looking back on my life, I’m very grateful for my mum.

She’s been such an inspiration.  She’s so patient, kind and selfless.

If I can be half the mother she is, then I will have done a great job. 

As for what’s next for me - I want to be a really good mum, wife, family member and friend.  I want to help other mums, and I want Mama Tribe to become a household name - "Oh you're lonely at home with the baby? Check out Mama Tribe - they have heaps of mums ready to meet up!" I would love to reach this point and help to make a big change in the way us mums .” 

If you’re interested in connecting with Haley and her team at Mama Tribe check out their website Mama Tribe and follow them on Facebook.

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