Sally Dooley - The Power of Choice


“Everything I based my identity on was under fire. I realised I was addicted to the approval of others.” 

Executive coach, Facilitator and Speaker Sally Dooley shares a story that many of us can relate to. 

“It took a dismantling of my life for a truer version of me to finally emerge. Much like Ernest Hemingway’s response when asked how he ended up bankrupt, he said: “Gradually and then suddenly”.  This describes vividly how it was for me”.

"It started with a gradual disconnection. I was going through the motions and holding it together, but underneath feeling increasingly drained.   Three of my four sons were teenagers (stressful enough in itself!), my husband was desperately unhappy, and I was trying to complete a Masters while also establishing myself as a facilitator, coach and speaker.  

“Then I found myself separated, and suddenly my passion turned into a financial necessity. Everything I based my identity on was under fire. 

“Working with a counsellor, I realised I was addicted to the approval of others and I’d created my entire life on what I thought others needed me to be.  It started in my early years, when I decided the safest path to happiness was to give up asking for what you want and instead mould yourself on what others wanted.

“I decided it was time to own this life I created and to start using my power of choice to create a different kind of life, with a different mind-set.  I’ve finally given myself permission to authentically show up. I’m no longer concerned about others’ approval and I am free to love myself, my family, friends and clients at a whole new level."

With profound insight, Sally shares her strategies as a key part of her work to empower women to lead authentically, confidently and with greater influence. 

"I have never been so passionate about helping women identify and deal with the barriers so they can achieve their potential and fulfil the outcomes they want and deserve.” 

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