Sue Woodward - Success doesn’t happen overnight.


Playing tennis at elite levels has been one of Sue Woodward’s greatest influences in life -  from teaching her how to cope under pressure and stay motivated, to living in the moment, facing her fears and pushing the boundaries of both her mental and physical limitations.  

Despite not going to university after school, with the encouragement of her mentors, Sue went from completing a Bachelor in Communications and a Masters of Marketing to holding a variety of leadership and advisory roles on the board of large international and national professional service firms before starting her very own advisory business.

“No matter how you measure success - whether it’s being famous, wealthy, healthy or happy; it all comes down to hard work and maybe a sprinkle of knowing the right people and being in the right place at the right time.”

While she credits her family for her hard-work and determination, Sue credits her friendships with other women for their loyalty, honesty, love, a belly of laughs and a listening ear to help pick her up when she was down.

“They (my parents) gave me an education and provided me with opportunities to work hard, excel and were brutally honest when I strayed…, I too have been honest in life and called out bad behaviour in the workforce and stood up for respectable behaviour” 

Sue’s best advice is to strive at being the best you can – don’t focus on the fame or the money. Instead be honest with yourself, respect your mind and your body, respect and help others, be active in the community, spend quality time with your family, encourage others to stand tall, give love and share your experiences and expertise with others.

When asked about her purpose in life, Sue laughed and said:  “I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’m ready for another breakthrough or defining moment .… so let’s just see what 2017 brings”


Sue is an inspirational leader with a big commitment to making a difference. 

You can follow Sue at Blueprint Advisory, LinkedIn or discover some of her board advisory work at various NGO’s including Shine for Kids and the CorrieLee Foundation.

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